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I’m Dan

I help new coders learn Python

What do you need?


Weekly Articles?

Each week I release a new article walking you through one of Python’s basic features.

Step by Step Videos?

I walk you through how to get started with Python using these 5 introductory videos.


I keep a listing of Resources I use on a daily basis.  Feel free to review the list and grab any useful items.

Python Decoded

Hi, I’m Dan and I would love to help you learn to write programs in Python. I start from the very beginning and assume you are brand new.  Honestly, it never gets old helping people of all ages and backgrounds write their first program.

Full disclosure, if you are already a programmer and just need a quick transition from one language over to Python, I think you will find my information too basic.

But for everyone else:  Welcome! I believe you will find this a safe place to get started with Python.

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